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Left: Ann, me, Roy. Right: Janine, John and Lauren We drove over to Roy and Susan’s Saturday afternoon. It was Roy’s birthday yesterday and we’d been invited to theirs to help him celebrate!

We stopped of in Huntingdon on the way through and picked up a new cat-carrier. We were a little too early for Roy and Susan’s so we remained in the car-park and had a sausage and bacon roll from a greasy-spoon-wagon! Yummy!!!!

We got theirs about 2.20pm Roy was on the drive and he helped us in with our overnight things! It was good to see everyone again. The dogs – Frayer and Casper were as boisterous as ever. Poor Casper though is slowly going blind.

We didn’t do much in the afternoon – just chatted about this-and-that, and showed off our Dubai holiday photos. Ann and Roy discussed the retail-trade whilst I faffed around on the NetBook. The girls thought it was good and Susan thought she might get one. Susan and Lauren popped out to tend to Jessie, their horse and before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the restaurant.

Janine’s boyfriend John arrived. It was good to see him again. He’s even taller now than when we saw him last year – and he was close to 20ft tall then! 🙂

Roy had chosen The Crown in Broughton – about 30 minutes drive from theirs. We decided to go in two cars. Roy and Susan with us, whilst Lauren took Janine and John.

When we arrived, we could see it was a popular place. The smallish car-park already had about 12 cars in it, so we tucked ourselves in the corner. Not long after, Lauren arrived and parked next to us. Once we got inside, we could see the place was busy (but fortunately, not heaving). We started off with drinks all round. Ann saw they had her favourite – Aspall Cider on draught, whilst I settled for a Guinness.

The service was very efficient and within 10 minutes or so they’d taken our orders. The restaurant was located off to the one-side of the Bar and already about half-full. Once we were all seated, the service was efficient and soon after we were all tucking into our starters. I opted for the chicken pate whilst Ann had the mozzarella. Mains? I had the venison sausages on a bed of spinach and mash whilst Ann had the lamb. We shared the dessert of sponge pudding!

Ann drove back (as I’d had a couple of pints) and as soon as we got back, we all went to bed except Lauren who had already left for a party.

11.15pm – night-night!


We had a light breakfast of cereal with Roy and Susan – the girls were lying in for a bit, although Janine popped down to say ‘hello’. We said our good-byes and left around 9.30. It was a trouble-free journey home and were indoors and unpacking by 10.15.

It’s always good to catch-up with them all – it’s been a great weekend and hope they have a great holiday in Egypt.

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