Moggy Birthday – Biscuit at 14

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Biscuit doing what she does best!
Biscuit turned 14 today. With Bon-Bon looking down on her sister, Biscuit continues to be ‘top-cat’. She’s still VERY vocal at times – quite spontaneously – and a year since it first started, we’ve still no idea what she wants. It’s amazing how such a small mouth can emit such a loud noise. Luckily, her ‘tantrums’ are over as quickly as they started and when it’s at 3am, that’s a welcome relief! She continues to be a ‘sofa-cat’ and pops up next to us in the evenings when she feels like it (which is quite often – and something she NEVER did when Bon-Bon was around). Once a lover of tinned Tuna (only Aldi’s!), she is now completely indifferent to it. She’s back on Senior Iams and fresh chicken. She’s also sable to resist a saucer of the famous Dreamies! She’s sleeping a lot more and hardly ever wanders upstairs when we’re asleep – she seems quite content sleeping on one of the sofas. Patsy, our nearby Groomer, still sees her every six weeks, (every four, in the Winter), and is keeping on top of her coat. And although she planned to close down her Persian Rescue business, a year-or-so ago (again!) she still continues to take in strays and provide ‘top cat’ with a first-class grooming and bathing service. Health-wise, Biscuit is in fine form. Although we see her limping very (very) occasionally, we assume it’s just old-age and (perhaps) a bit of arthritis in one of her back legs. Other than that, given her age, she’s doing really well. The Cattery continues to be a god-send. We’re travelling quite a bit more these days and Valerie the owner, is recognised by Biscuit now as her second owner! Fourteen is a good age for a Persian, so we’re counting our blessings that she is still with us.

Moggy Birthday – Biscuit at 13!

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Biscuit turned 13 today and by my calculation that makes her about 68 in human years. Our previous two Persians (Mumsy and Bubsy) made it to almost 15 and 14 years old respectively, but were both unwell in their final years. I therefore expect, going forward, we’ll be making more trips to and from the Vets!

Biscuit at 13
Biscuit at 13

So, how’s Biscuit been since Bon-Bon passed-away on the 10th August last year? Well, in short, her behaviour has changed significantly. I guess being the only feline in the house now, it’s because she’s not got any competition!

For example, whereas she never used to sit with us on the sofa – now it’s a regular occurrence. Additionally, she’s now also a lot (lot) more vocal, especially when she wants something… anything… at any time! (sometimes even at 1.30am!) And it’s not a gentle meow either, it’s more of a full vocal work-out, exercising her lungs to capacity – in fact, she can hear me typing this and she’s started calling…

…back in a mo’…

OK, back to the narrative – I think she just wanted to say ‘hello’ in her own special way!

Her eating habits have changed too. We tried Biscuit on tinned Tuna a while ago, and she adores it. When she scoffs, she does it at a ferocious speed and it would make any observer think it’s her final meal! She really does love the fish! Coincidentally, around the same time, she’s also become a bit indifferent towards the famous Dreamies – she must be the only cat we know who can resist them!!

She’s sleeping even more these days and hardly ever ventures upstairs when we’re going to bed (it used to be a regular occurrence) preferring to remain in the Lounge. Initially, we were a bit concerned, but then, just when you think you understand cats, in the past few days she’s now taken to sleeping upstairs when we retire for the night! Oh, and she’s now back on the Dreamies too!
Disappointed smile
Here is a few of her other habits…

Lap of Honour – She continues to be a lap cat when the mood takes her.

The Great Escape – A few years back, she was regularly jumping up on the fence to ‘go exploring’. Luckily, maybe because she can’t jump so high these days, these days, this never happens – thank goodness! However, she is still finding some way of getting out of the garden having done it three or four times this year. She’s always returned some four-to-six hours later, none the worst, except for a slight limp and a satisfied look on her face.
At Night – Biscuit is always in search of a hot-spot – whether it’s radiators, or the duvet (with the sun shining through the window on her) and more recently, during the snowy weather, right in front of the gas fire – sounds like a typical cat!

Cat Tower – It’s fair to say that she doesn’t use it as much as she used to, but every so often, she’s take the lower level and stay there all day.

Health – Fit as a Butcher’s Dog err, Cat. No issues whatsoever this year. Let’s hope it continues!

Coats – Patsy, our nearby groomer, still sees her every six weeks, (every four, in the Winter), and is keeping on top of her coat. Although she closed down her Persian Rescue business last year, she still looks after Biscuit’s fur whenever we ask – it’s a great help, as Biscuit still doesn’t enjoy a bath nor extensive combing (whereas Bon-Bon enjoyed it all).

Cattery – The place we found nearby continues to impress, and she’s now been in-and-out quite a few times in the past year whilst we’ve taken long weekends and holidays. It’s pretty much perfect, as Gill, the owner, remains a cat-lover first, and a cattery-owner second! She also used to own a couple of Persians!

So, that’s it for 2018’s birthday girl – even without the company of her late Sister, she’s still a big part of our home, and gives us a lot of pleasure just watching her doing her ‘cat things’ (apart from the early-hours calling!)
Baring teeth smile

RIP Bonbon

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Biscuit and Bon Bon
Bonbon – just a few months old

Well that was a total shock!
Crying face Crying face Crying face Crying face Crying face

I was doing this-and-that at home, I’d dropped Ann off at the Station (as she was out all day) and then I washed the Jaguar. So far, so normal!

Ahh! We'll take her!
Who could resist her?

We were due to be out in the evening, so at around 4pm, I thought I’d get the cats in from their favourite place – the garden – and then I’d get changed. Biscuit was already indoors but strangely, I couldn’t see Bonbon. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I could see that she was asleep on the top deck of the garden, stretched out, as she normally does, soaking up the warm sun.

A Cuty!

Except that she wasn’t!
Surprised smile

I have no idea when it happened, but she had clearly passed away. Her eyes were wide open (apparently cats die with their ‘peepers’ still on-duty) and her body was still warm. It took me a while to process the information as I still couldn’t believe what I’d seen. I called the Vet who offered to examine her, and so I took her there for the very last time.

Bonbon At 7
Bonbon at 7

My guess was that it was going to be kidney failure (happens a lot with Persians at that age), or something related to her recent Coronavirus illness, but at this early stage, it was all guess-work. The Vets were lovely, so much sympathy and compassion – just what I needed! We agreed for a post-mortem to be carried out, just to determine what had happened as I was still having trouble believing that it was all over for her so quickly.

Bonbon at 12
Bonbon at 12 (her final year)

After we returned from the restaurant later in the evening, there was a message on the home phone. It was Peter, from the Vets, and they carried out the post-mortem as requested. What he told me, was a total surprise. Apparently, Bonbon had suffered a heart-attack – and no other organs showed any sign of a problem. The attack was brought on by a thickening, over time, of the left wall of her heart. That, in the end, meant that the heart couldn’t work properly and she simply ‘ran out of puff’ as her heart slowly failed.

Yeesh! At least, we’re told, that her end would have been mercifully quick, and she wouldn’t have suffered too much, I took comfort in the fact that I didn’t see her have the actual attack – as that would have been just too much!

Bye-bye Bonbon. We loved you for many years and you gave us so much more love back in return.
Red heart Red heart Red heart Red heart Red heart

Pedigree - Bonbon

Pedigree Name: ‘Villiers Silver Bom Bom’
Our name: Bonbon

Born: 10 March 2005
Died: 10 August 2017
Lived for: 4537 days
12 years, 5 months, 1 day

Update: Saturday, August 19, 2017

We picked up her Ashes today…


Happy 12th Birthday Moggies!

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Biscuit and Bon-Bon
When they were younger (3 months old)

The Moggies turned 12 today – that makes them around 64 in ‘human years’.

Habits-wise, they’re very much the same – they still wake us up at whatever time suits them (2.45am seems favourite at the mo’) to let them out; they still prefer dry cat food to wet; they’ll do anything for Dreamies and they still have their favourite sleeping places (minimum criteria: warm, soft and wherever possible, above ground).

We’ve tended to assume that they’ll both go on forever, but in the past year, we’ve definitely noticed them slowing-down a bit. Biscuit doesn’t seem to want to scale high fences anymore (good!). When she’s indoors, she’ll now always use the route that results in the shortest jump to the ground (even though it results in a much longer journey overall).

Bon-Bon is even less energetic and hasn’t fared so well health-wise. In recent weeks has been to the Vets where she ‘enjoyed’ being on a drip for three days plus a cocktail of drugs. As I write this blog, she’s on the mend, but has lost a lot of weight.

Biscuit at 12

Bon-Bon at 12

Our previous two Persians (Mumsy and Bubsy) made it to almost 15 and 14 years old respectively and so over the next few years we recognise that we’ll be making trips to and from the Vets a bit more often!
Sad smile

Catty Birthday!

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The Cats turned 11 today. Various advice seems to suggest that makes them around 65 in ‘human years’ – One of us here is catching them up though!

Biscuit and Bon Bon
The ‘little cherubs’ at around three months

Biscuit at 11 years old
Biscuit at 11

Bon-Bon at 11 years old
Bon-Bon at 11

Return to Titchmarsh

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With everything packed including the kitchen sink, in preparation for our holiday tomorrow, we took a drive over to Titchmarsh and the rather splendid Wheatsheaf Pub and Restaurant.

Apart from the obvious attraction to great pub-grub, The main reason was to catch-up with Jane and Mick for the annual girlie-pressy-swap and a catchup with each others’ news.

The food certainly didn’t disappoint,  and we had plenty of time for a chat.

Then, having said our goodbyes, we headed home, rounded up the moggies and dropped them off with Val at the cattery before dropping in to see Lee.

Last job of the day was a general clear-up round the house before inviting David and Valerie over for a swift cuppa.

Then it was feet up for the rest of the evening in front of the TV.

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Stalag Pemberley – The Eastern Sector

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David and I tackled the suspected ‘escape loophole’ for Biscuit today, by duplicating the established extra trellis construction from earlier this year, on the east (left) side of the garden, towards Karen and Paul’s.


Having tried a temporary construction over the past few weeks, we’re pretty sure that’s where she was exiting. David and I started and 8.30 and luckily, the weather didn’t turn into yesterday’s heatwave, meaning we could work at quite a pace. Just after noon, it was all done – all that’s needed is a lick of paint on our side (we’ve painted Karen and Paul’s side), and it’s ‘job done’.

Stalag Pemberley
Stalag Pemberley – towards the Eastern Sector

Ann and Val prepared lunch – homemade soup, homemade mackerel pate, potato salad and cheese – just what we needed after a hard morning ‘on the land’

Surely Biscuit can’t get out now!! (famous last words!!!)