A Furry Happy Birthday!

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In that famous Victor Meldrew voice: “I don’t believe it!”

Hard to believe that today, the cats reached the age of 10. From what I’ve read, that means according to the official calculation/conversion they’re about 57 years old in human years. Actually, I’m surprised Biscuit has made it this far with all her recent Steve McQueen-like escapades!

Bon-Bon - 10 years old

Biscuit - 10 years old

Biscuit and Bon Bon
As Kittens

Stalag Pemberley

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Biscuit, our chocolate Persian cat has decided that in spite of her pampered life style here, she also needs to randomly scale the fence and go ‘walk-about’. Sometimes it’s for a few hours, sometimes longer! She always comes back though!

Before – As things used to be

She’s quite canny – she jumps on the top of one of our larger flower-pots and uses that to shorten the leap, then walks along the top of the fence – and disappears in any one of three neighbours’ gardens!

Well, that’s all too stressful for us! And after trying (and failing!) to use various everyday objects around the garden to limit her launch-pads – more drastic action was required!

So, David and I took a trip to Wickes and stocked-up on wood to create an extra trellis to sit on the top of the existing fence. Three-and-a-half hours and 147 screws later (yes, I did count them!), we almost finished the job, before running out of raw materials.

After – Stalag Pemberley

Weather permitting, we should finish the job tomorrow.

Don’t you just love cats?!?!?

Pussy Galore

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Bet you don't say 'Ahhhhh..'
After our cats, Biscuit and Bon-Bon, went over to Patsy’s yesterday, for their regular ‘wash ‘n’ brush-up’, it was now time to show another cat some attention!

The Blue Pussy!
The XKR needed a little TLC at Marshalls Jaguar, Peterborough – nothing major, mainly blown bulbs and four-wheel tracking –  and they were good enough to pick it up, and leave me a loan car too!


Cats of Nine Tales

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Biscuit at 9

BonBon at 9

The twins turned nine today. Oh, the tales they could tell – probably more than 9 – but that would have ruined the title!

Pussy Galore

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We popped over to Wootton to Chris and Gill’s for a meal tonight. Steve and Denise were also there, but the added surprise was Wootton’s now acquired three additional cats in the shape of Evie, Archie, Hattie. They join Charlie – and the ageing Carmen (20 years young) to complete the ‘set’ Smile

Two minutes later, I couldn’t tell you who-was-who! Winking smile
This is er...
Fish was on the menu (how cat-like!) as well as lamb (not so much!), and we spent the majority of the evening putting right all that was wrong with the world today – schooling, racism, Essex girls, TV reality shows and the changing landscape of Chelmsford (where we’d all once lived/worked) were all debated to death accompanied by food, drink and laughter in equal volumes!

..a great night!

Pussy Galore!

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Thanks for all your help everyone – we’re now back to our full complement of cats!!!

At just after 4am this morning, when I let Biscuit out into the garden, who was sitting out there? You guessed it: Bon-Bon.

So, after almost 60 hours of freedom, she managed to find her way home – not bad for a cat who’s NEVER seen Tynan Close before!!!

It may be a coincidence or something even cleverer, but just before we went to bed last night, we came up with an idea. It was prompted by the fact that I’d spotted white fur on the OUTSIDE at the base of the garden gate. We knew she couldn’t have got OUT by going underneath as she’s too fat and the gap is too small, so I reckoned that perhaps she was coming back at night and resting up against the gate – that being her original point of exit (they say cats trace very precise routes). With the gate being shut, she couldn’t get back in, and therefore she returned to wherever she’s been spending her time.

So, the plan was to leave the gate open all night and place some old clothes of mine nearby, that she sleeps on when she’s indoors. We were hoping that a cat’s phenomenal sense of smell might allow her to home-in on the garden once more with the clothes providing the final confirmation that she was in the right place! Well, whether the plan worked as described, or it was just plain coincidence, we’re not sure – but at least she’s back!

She doesn’t appear to be injured, in fact she looked perfectly OK considering she’s been sleeping rough for 60 hours – the only issue is her fur is now a bit greasy and she seems to have acquired a fair amount of foliage.


I love a happy ending!

Smile Smile

Thanks for your help everyone!!!

Missing Moggy (+48 hours)

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David I mail-shotted Nash Court and nearby roads this morning – they back onto the Spinney.

Thanks to Rosi, Heather and Stella for facebooking their network. Kerry has also spoken to Budgens about placing a notice in their shop window – cheers! Ta to Jo for her Google-Maps research into the local area.

Still no sign of Bon-Bon. Fingers crossed that we get a positive result!