Roger, Jane and Oliver stopover

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We woke late – that’s good! Oliver’s on the prowl – that’s bad! 🙂

I got up and made a drink just as the calmness and stillness of the morning was interrupted by Oliver jumping into bed with Ann and playing ‘Mr Wriggler’ where, apparently, the game is to move about as much as possible and irritate those still left in the bed.

Oliver’s next move was to try and advance his ‘bonding’ with Bon-Bon, still, I’m sure we have some plasters somewhere – today’s lesson is: a cat’s claws can be very sharp!

The calm before the - ARGHHHHHH

It looks like another hot day out there, so we did brekky consisting of bacon rolls and croissants in the garden. Boy, it was hot…even hotter than yesterday I think…must be close to 75 degrees…phew!

With breakfast over, Roger and Jane popped down to Tesco for fuel and a few bits, whilst Oliver helped Ann with weeding and planting. Lee concentrated on vegetable preparation – thanks Lee!!!

Bugger! Biscuit seems to have gone missing. 🙁 We’ve looked everywhere, inside and out – even next door in Karen’s garden – no luck. Then, four hours later, she mysteriously re-appeared – PHEW!

2.00pm: It’s getting hotter and we’re having a full-roast – yeesh! It was delicious, even though it did feel a bit strange eating it on such a hot day. Left-overs for pudding… and we’re all stuffed. Now we have the challenging task of trying to rescue the kitchen from its bomb-site appearance. An hour later, with Jane’s help, and we’re back to normal and I can see the working-surface once more! 🙂

3.45pm: Roger, Jane and Oliver makes plans to leave and we just caught sight of Julie and Karen next door.

We’re all shattered, but the house has now returned to a state of quietness and tranquillity. I’ve concluded that I love kids, providing they’re someone else’s – at least you can give them back!

Priorities for the rest of the day include:

– A lie-down!!!
– 2 headache tablets!
– Watch Ashes to Ashes final episode
– Watch Doctor Who (from last night)
– Set up Sky+ who are transmitting the last ever episode of Lost at the same time as it’s broadcast in the US – that’s 5am here, Sky 1 tonight.

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