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It’s the big weekend! Ann’s family arrived at various times culminating in ‘afternoon tea’, errr this afternoon.

Prior to that, it was mega-cleanup around the house (how can two people create so much mess?!) and then into the garden for a quick ‘once-over’ – lawns mowed, tables cleaned, patios swept, and armpits cooled  – job done… and just time for a quick read of the papers before the invasion arrivals began.

Well. we certainly had the weather on our side. it was a gloriously hot day and just perfect for our increasingly-rare family get-togethers.

Oliver in action - eeek Denis, Mae and Bev arrived first, around 1.30. Roger, Jan and the ever-increasingly energetic Oliver arrived just after 3. Three nano-seconds later, Oliver was chasing the cats around the garden and generally stressing them out

We ate a lot and drank a lot…had a bit of a breather and then ate and drank some more! Then all that was left was to fall asleep in the sun and/or entertain Oliver. I got the short, long short straw and played the ever popular 🙂 Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader game armed with my vileda mop. I think Oliver won, but it got a bit confusing towards the end!

Oliver, STILL in action Mae, Denis and Bev left around 6 and we returned to the garden for some more sun-worshipping, reading and knitting (err, Lee only!)

We chilled-out for a few more hours until, the sun started to go down and then retired indoors for cheese, bikkies and a good film – after trying to put Oliver to bed – I think he’d sensed that something more interesting was on the cards and was reluctant to head for the bedroom! 

Rog chose ‘The International’, starring Clive Owen – a spy drama that we’d missed the first time round in the cinema last year. We’d seen it a couple of times before here on DVD, but it’s always worth seeing again!

The next time we looked at the clock, it was well passed 11, so all crashed out simultaneously – lucky that they chose to stay over!

It’s been a great day – but getting the family together is becoming increasingly rare and difficult to arrange. The greater challenge would be to do all this and get MY Mum and Brother up here too (ooo! was that a flying pig?)

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