Meal with David and Val

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biscard_theoldbakehouse We went to The Old Bakehouse in Rothwell tonight. The service is always good and they’ve just updated the menu too!

It was already busy when we arrived but the service was, as we expected, so we didn’t have to wait long for the menus. It was a warm evening but they’d thoughtfully opened the fire exit door to allow a breeze through -too much as it happened, and they ended up closing it not long after.

I hadn’t eaten much during the day, so I was starving. We all had starters and I chose the meatballs (same as David) and followed it up with ‘chef’s special sausage’ which made our Server smile when she described it!!!

After a short time, the main course arrived: Ann had the Cod, Val chose the chicken on a skewer, David had Chicken without the skewer and I wrestled with the Chef’s sausages contained in a humungous pot full of tomatoes, potatoes and a slightly spicy sauce. It was so hot, it took me ages to get through it – in fact, I was the last to finish – very unusual!

We skipped dessert and coffee and headed back home to try out the fruit tart that Ann had picked up from Waitrose. Delicious!!! It was such a nice evening we sat out from around 9.30 until around 10.15 – It was all a bit courageous of us and we ended up with cardigans and shawls on!! Ahh, the British Summer has arrived!!

The new outside solar garden lights looked good (except for one that definitely isn’t working properly).

Summer-Chocolates-IMG260087m Val brought round some Hotel Chocolat chocolates called ‘cocktail sleeksters’ – a sort of cocktail-in-a-chocolate. You keep them in the fridge until it’s time to get drunk enjoy them.

We’re getting together at ours next – with a takeaway and a film, – Blu-Ray DVD of course!

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