Blu-Ray DVDs: Australia & Quantum of Solace

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dvd_australia Having picked-up the new HDMI cable from Richer Sounds after yesterday’s error, I got it all connected up to our new Blu-Ray player and existing TV without any problems at all. At £89.95, the cable felt expensive, but apparently, it’s one of the best you can get. The blurb for the cable boasts:

  • 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper Conductors
  • Individually screened pairs to ensure interference-free signal transfer
  • Fully shielded connectors for enhanced electrical screening
  • 24K gold plated connectors
  • HDMI Standard 1.3
  • Certified full 1080p compatible

Apparently, all of these features make it a good purchase! I hope so!

So, with everything now connected and working, we settled down to watch the Blu-Ray version of ‘Australia‘ starring Hugh (I’ve got a six-pack) Jackman and Nicole Kidman. I watched it from a picture-quality point-of-view and Ann watched it for Hugh Jackman! 🙂

Wow, what a picture – absolutely fantastic …such clarity and richness of colours (and, also, the sound quality was ultra-clear through our hi-fi – I wasn’t expecting the sound to be so noticeable).

DVD-BluRay_QOSThen, in the evening we watched the Bond film: ‘Quantum of Solace’. We’d seen it at the cinema when it was first released and didn’t think much of it (I’d given it three stars; much of my criticism was around the blurry action shots and the difficulty in trying to ‘keep up’ with the visuals). So, we thought we’d give it another chance. We really enjoyed it – and that surprised us, as we don’t normally change our minds about films. I wonder if the crispness of the Blu-Ray picture cut down the ‘blurriness’? Still hated the theme song though!

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