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Blu-Ray DVD - Hugofive star

We invited David round for Dinner tonight as Valerie is away in the USA. After stuffing ourselves with one of Ann’s humungous home-made Chicken pies (followed later by an equally sized Plum Crumble), we settled down to watch Hugo as our movie for the evening. Directed by Martin Scorsese, we weren’t sure what to expect.

What did we think? Well, it was a really watchable film – totally engaging throughout. From the stunning visuals (presumably mostly created on green-screen), the very credible acting and the heart-warming storyline – it was truly a film for all the family.

It featured a shed-load of well known actors (part of the fun was spotting them all!) and that just added to the enjoyment and the storyline kept us all guessing throughout the film. The stand-out visuals for me were the sweeping views across Paris and the train crashing through the station. For me, it was the ideal film to watch around Christmas time.

On the DVD, there is also a 3D version and thinking about the stunning visuals, this would have made it even more enjoyable. Anyone got a 3D TV????

Definitely the best film so far this year and worth buying just for the stunning cinematography. 

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