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With Ann working away tonight, it’s a rare opportunity to review this Blu-ray as Ann would be hiding behind the sofa by now after just reading the title on the DVD sleeve! 🙂

Those of us of a certain age will recall the ‘Hammer House of Horror’ who turned out quite a few films way-back-when of the horror variety. They were all a bit cheesy and I’m not sure what happened to them as a business, but I’m pretty sure they folded. Well, they’re back with The Woman in Black, and it’s definitely one from the super-spooooooky genre.

Daniel Radcliffe, fresh from a lifetime as everyones’ fave bespectacled wizard, plays stars as Arthur Kipp, Solicitor who draws the short straw by getting to visit the house of the dead owner to clear up their affairs. Just looking at the outside would be enough to send to me to the nearest Premier Inn, but Arthur’s made of stronger stuff.

All-in-all, I’d say he made a pretty good job of his part. He doesn’t say much during the film but makes a pretty fine job of acting/looking/being frightened out of his wits. If I was him, I wouldn’t be chasing after strange noises in a spooky house and desecrating graves, I’d simply go back to that Premier Inn down the road – but where’s the movie in that!!!

So, if you like your ghost-stories ‘old-school’ with plenty of creaky doors, scary music and change-your-underwear shocks, this one has your name on it. There’s at least three scenes where I’m still removing the dents from the ceiling here, where I hit my head! Yes, I’d say this is a pretty frightening movie!!!! 

…and just make sure you watch the film right to the end, even if you THINK you know how it’s going to turn out as I don’t remember this ending in other productions. Happy families? You decide – but definitely a genuine house of horror!

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