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DVD - Skyfall

five star
“The name’s ‘Lamb’, ‘Roast Lamb’”.

Nick and Celina joined us this afternoon, together with David, for a food ‘n’ film evening.

Ann prepared Tagliatelle  with Prawns and Romano Peppers to start, followed by Roast Lamb infused with garlic & rosemary – we finished with Red Plum Amoretti Pots – a sort of exotic trifle in a tall glass. As expected, it was all delicious and I did give myself the evening off from my Lent List to accommodate the Starter!!

The DVD tonight was Skyfall and in common with most of the universe, we’d seen it on release last year, (although David hadn’t). Like many things in life, I enjoyed it even more second time around. For me, it was because of its believable storyline and great acting. Ann enjoyed it too, but used different criteria!!!!!!  

To make the most of the evening, we sandwiched the film in around the three courses, and that seemed to work pretty well. With the help of our guests we even managed to get most of the washing-up done in between.

By 9.30, we’d had our fill of food, drink and Bond and as our guests got ready to leave, we noticed that the snow had settled (we’d had flurries for most of the day). It wasn’t much, but just enough to make us wish we hadn’t planned to drive all the way to Mum’s tomorrow. I hate the snow with a passion!!!!

Any comments?