DVD: The Bank Job

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DVD The Bank Job
After our recent run of duff DVDs (Drive and Black Swan), we decided to watch this latest acquisition – The Bank Job – not really knowing much about it. Set in London in the 70s and starring Jason Statham plus a host of other well known Brit actors including Keeley Hawes and David Suchet, it’s about a bank job that goes a bit ‘Pete Tong’.

Jason did what he does best – acted and looked menacingly at everything and everybody, whilst keeping his language ‘fruity’. The best way to describe the feel of the film? A world of dodgy geezers and bent coppers – a sort of Only Fools and Horses but with serious violence and no laughs!

All-in-all a it was a good film with plenty of action and a plot-line that kept us guessing. I also liked the meticulous attention to detail in re-creating 70s London (telephones, cars, British Rail signs etc etc). A satisfying ending too!

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