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Ralph, Karen, Ann and I took the short drive to Lyddington today to meet-up with Nick and Celina. The weather was disappointing – very grey with light rain We visited English Heritage’s Lyddington Bede House before dropping into The Old White Hart just down the road for some ‘refreshment’.









Then it was all back to ours where Ann prepared dinner, whilst I did the tricky bit and set up the DVD player for Lincoln starring Daniel Day Lewis.

DVD - Lincoln

Well, the food was definitely more exciting that the film (for me anyway). With all the raves from the Press when the film first came out, as well as an Academy Award for DDL I was expecting… well, I don’t know what I was expecting… although the visual resemblance of DDL to Lincoln was uncanny, it was one of those films that relied purely on dialogue to engage the viewer – and it just didn’t do it for me – dare I say ‘boring’?

three star

After the film we sat down to the Ann’s banquet – what a feast! The real highlight of the evening with a full three-courser including a really excellent leg of lamb. We washed it all down with numerous bottles of beer and red wine.

Ralph and Karen stayed-over (in the ‘green room’) whilst Nick and Celina left just after 11. It was a shame we couldn’t put them up in the ‘blue room’, but it still hasn’t got a bed and we’re using the space partly as a dumping ground, whilst we slowly find a home for all the c*** that used to live in the various cupboards, filing cabinet and book-shelf in the ‘old’ office.

Any comments?