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five star
David was away singing in a Salvation Army choir tonight, so Val joined Lee, Ann and I to watch The Artist on DVD (after devouring one of Ann’s superb Lasagnes!) 

A hit when it was released back in November 2011, we saw it at the local Odeon in February, this year – and it blew us away! We don’t often watch films for second time, but I’m glad we did. Seeing it on DVD was just as enjoyable (maybe even more so) as the first time – and in these days of 3D, gazillion dollar budgets, major stars, blue screen, green screen, motion capture etc, it was good to see that none of these matter when judging a film!

What really matters is of course, really good story-telling – and The Artist is up there with the best of them. Through its black and white/silent/non-widescreen/zero explosions/no car chases approach, it did more for the art of cinema, in my view, than many that have gone before – the film punches well above its weight and wins by a knockout and on points! 

It also appeals on many levels. In its simplest form, it’s a love story between a man and a woman (oh, and a dog!). Moving up a step, it’s about how we manage major change in our lives – and the feelings it evokes. The film shows us vividly the light and dark side of  ‘pride’, ‘self esteem’, ‘confidence’ and ‘trust’ (amongst many others). In fact, the whole film is a massive metaphor for living your life.

Keep the tissues handy, as I defy anyone to watch it though without some moistening of the eyeballs!

Definitely the best film I’ve seen for ages.

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