Meal with David and Val

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Yum Yum!!
David and my starter – pork pie, cheeses, chutney, biscuits, ham, warm crusty bread and something green

We went to The Lamport Swan tonight for our monthly meal with David and Val.

It must be our fifth or sixth visit there –  a first visit for D and V – and it seems to get better every time we go there. Strangely, it was very quiet for a Friday, but that was probably due to the England v Sweden soccer match on TV.

Generally speaking, the courses didn’t disappoint – the imaginative menu continues there (who would think of having cheese and biscuits as a starter?) but Ann struggled a bit with the pastry in her dessert. Even though they swapped it out for something else (with pastry), it didn’t come up to their normal high standard. Still, we all enjoyed our dishes, and all-in-all, it was a good experience all round. Good service too!

We swanned back home around 9ish to find that England had won the soccer – miracles do happen!

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