Mother’s Day comes Early!

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Toby Carvery -= Bromley Common
With Mum’s health on a slow decline and with us not being able to see her on the official Mother’s Day, we visited her today. On the way there, we dropped in to Neil and Debbie,  caught up with all their news, saw the boys and left Neil with couple of knackered PCs. Then it was back to the main mission – to take Mum to The Anchor at Bromley Common (now a Toby Carvery) where we re-joined Neil and Debbie for a Palmer family meal!

We haven’t been to this restaurant since June 2007 – it was a Beefeater then and we’d taken Mum and Queenie there for their Birthday meal. It was going to be interesting to see how much the place had changed since switching from table-service to becoming a free-for-all Carvery.

Neil and Debbie got there ahead of us, planning to bag a table (we knew it would be busy on a Sunday). Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let her, until ‘the rest of your party arrives’. Fortunately, we weren’t far behind and we were soon sitting down looking through the menu. The restaurant was packed, and just like all the other places we’ve eaten in the past week, no-one seems to think there’s a recession on!

With drinks sorted, it was off to join the snaking queue for the Carvery – but it was worth the wait, because the portions were massive and it all tasted first-class!

The service was brisk without being stressful and once we’d paid the (very reasonable) bill, we headed for the now full car-park and said our goodbyes. Neil and Debbie were off to Debbie’s Mum whilst we dropped Mum back at hers and then pointed the car towards the A21!

It was a good journey home and we were indoors just before 4pm – under two hours for the return journey!

Next visit – Easter Sunday.

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