Holiday in Sweden – Day 3 (Ystad)

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England 1, Italy 2! What a great headline to wake up to!!!

BBC Weather forecast for Ystad
The weather forecast is about the same as yesterday, but with the possibility of the train service being restricted, we’re only going as far as the seaside town of Ystad today. It’s home to the country’s oldest cinema (Biografteatern Scala), a production studio, and the Cineteket interactive film museum. For non-film fans it also has significant medieval features including Greyfriars Abbey, the Church of the Virgin Mary, and the 16th-century Latin school.

The Station from our Hotel

So, it was the now familiar 150-metre walk to the Station where we bought our ticket and hopped on the next train bound for Ystad. Just over 50 minutes later we arrived in the town, accompanied by a bright blue sky and a warm sunny morning.

Scenes around Ystad

First, we headed down to the Harbour to soak up the good weather, before taking a short mooch around the town. As shops out here mostly close on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, the whole place was very quiet – and that suited us perfectly, as it gave us the opportunity to more-or-less go anywhere and avoid the crowds! After about an hour, having seen most of what was on offer, it was back on the train back towards Base Camp 418 – our hotel.

Back in our room, a quick look at the local map showed there was a nice park area within walking distance of us – Kungsparken (King’s Park). So, we took the short walk (walking again!) there – and on arrival, what a blast for the senses it turned out to be! The whole place was overwhelming! Acres and acres of green grass, a windmill, a wild garden, a cafe, a river, pedallos, canoes, ducks, geese… oh, and a graveyard (yes, really!)


Hard to believe that all of this was located in a busy town!

We wandered back in the general direction of our Hotel and decided to eat early. Ignoring local culture (for once!), we spotted a TGI Friday restaurant and grabbed a seat outside. This proved to be a bad move, as the temperature continued to rise and we were melting. We moved a couple of seats down and found some well-deserved shade where we studied the menu. It was here that I discovered a new cider (and I think it’ll become my favourite – Somersby’s Pear). Accompanied by mountains of ice, it was absolutely perfect for a hot day like today, and helped the Jack Daniels Burger slip down a treat!

It’s been another gloriously hot day here and with a gentle breeze, it’s been just perfect for sightseeing (again!), and generally wandering about with nothing much in mind.

Then it was back to room 418 to chill-out and then to begin packing. We’re checking-out tomorrow morning and taking the two-and-a-half-hour journey by train on the next leg to Gothenberg, where we’re spending two nights.

Nice one Malmo – thanks for a great time – we’ve enjoyed all your sights and sounds! – but especially the weather!!!!

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