The End of Lent (Phew!)

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For me, Lent has now ended. Those close to me will know I’ve been steering clear of my 19 fave foodstuffs, since the beginning of Lent – 22nd February. How did I do? Well, for whatever reason, it’s been harder this year to remain on-track, and I did briefly succumb a couple of times – ‘Curry’ is on the list, and I just LOVE curry!

So, as from today, the 7th, it’s back to zero-restriction, and in celebration, I have a rather large bar of chocolate (another from the ‘19’) in the fridge, with my name on it !!!

Looking ahead, each year, I grow the list by a few items – to test my resilience even further – so in 2013, it’ll be a total of 23 faves, and that’s going to take some extra mental toughness to get through.

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