Our new Blu-Ray DVD Player/Great Shopping Trip

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Sony-DVP-S735D-DVD-Player-0It’s time to pension-off our trusty Sony DVP-S735D DVD player which is now more than 15 years old. Technically, there is nothing wrong with it – it still attracts good reviews on-line, but technology marches on!!

After lots and lots (and lots) of research, step forward the snappily titled Panasonic DMPBD80, the most technologically advanced Blu-Ray DVD player currently available.

Probably the two most innovative features are the ethernet connection, allowing access to the Internet, (for sites like YouTube) and a USB port allowing digital images from cameras and PCs to be displayed through the player to an HD TV.

We bought ours from those very nice people at Richer Sounds. They were easily the cheapest and there was also an option to purchase a five-year warranty for just 10% of the purchase price. Total price: 340.90. Superb customer service from ‘Ellis’!

In addition, I needed an HDMI lead. How much? 20? … 30? …40 pounds? Not even close! How about 79.95? – I think it’s made of gold!!! Then when I came to connect it all up I discovered that it wasn’t long enough. Kerr-ching!!!, that’ll be 89.95 for a two-metre version. I’ll have to drive over to Leicester tomorrow, to pick it up.

Because the DVD Player is very new and a bit hard to get hold-of, we couldn’t order it on-line but had to visit one of Richer Sound’s shops. We chose Leicester, having reserved it a few days beforehand.

Whilst we were in Leicester, we popped into the newish John Lewis there. What a fantastic store …spacious …not very busy …and a great product range. Perfect! We had a productive time. I picked up a black leather jacket; we bought some more garden lights; a small carpet for the lobby; and we arranged for a visit by their kitchen planner to help us re-think the kitchen.

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