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The forecast suggests that the weather is all over the place this weekend, but we’re hopeful it’ll be good for our trip to Roger, Jane and Oliver later today (Sunday) and our postponed visit (from last year) to Eltham Palace on Monday.

We left home around 11am and arrived just after noon. True to form, the weather kept its promise, and rained all the way there – and got progressively worse once we’d arrived. The only consolation was that the weather forced me to drive more sedately in the XKR, resulting in 23.1mpg!!!

By the time we finished lunch, (homemade watercress soup then superb roast beef with all the trimmings all finished off with a homemade apple crumble and butterscotch sauce) things were brightening up outside, allowing us to grab a generous stroll around Hanbury Manor and the surrounding countryside, before settling down for a night in and a catch-up with everyone’s news. We also found time to get about half-way through the DVD: Captain America, the First Avenger. 

Well, someone is smiling on us! The weather forecast for today is beautiful! And what’s more, there was no rain forecast at all!
Is this really a Bank Holiday?

Cor, what an almost scorcher!
So, we were up at 7, brekky at 8, left just after 9 and arrived at Eltham Palace just before 10.30. Back in the day, when I worked in this area, I never realised that this place existed, and it seemed weird that something so old and so beautiful was nestled in amongst this part of south London.

We got a parking space fairly easily, the temperature now was just right and the place wasn’t too busy – the perfect ingredients for a cultural day out! And what a place! It’s probably the newest ‘old’ building we’ve ever visited it, and it just oozed wealth – as they say ‘no expense spared’, and it certainly wasn’t! A telephone in each room plus enough bedroom and bathrooms (12) for ALL the guests. Think ‘rich’ and then some!!!!

What a fab day! Helped of course, by the sunshine!! We had a trouble-free journey back to R, J & O’s where said our goodbyes and headed for home. For a Bank Holiday, the traffic was pretty light, so we were home in just over the hour – a perfect end to a perfect weekend!

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