Bank Holiday Break – Ipswich (Day 1)

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We woke to the sound of torrential rain – and I do mean torrential! Still, at least we knew it was coming. Looks like today will be a day for staying under cover – whatever we do.

The smartest choice seemed to be to spend the time shopping! So, dodging the persistent showers, we drove into Ipswich and gave the shops a good thrashing. The retail range seemed to be a whole lot better than the last time we were in Ipswich and consequently, we spent longer here – and spent more money!
Scenes of Ipswich Town

Scenes of Ipswich Town
More interesting than photos of the shops!

Then, it was onto Woodbridge and by the time we got there, the weather had defied the forecast and the sun was now out! Some great shops here too, just begging to cripple our finances! 

This way to…

The last time we were here was in October 2007 when we had a holiday this way in Peasenhall. And just like last time, we stopped off for lunch at Prezzo’s.

Only a Starter this time!

THe Quayside at Woodbridge
The Quayside in Woodbridge

Suitably refreshed from the food and the stunning views from the Quayside, we then took the short drive to the village of Orford. By now, the sun was really shining, and we stopped off at English Heritage’s Orford Castle. Built for Henry II in 1165, at the cost of around £1400, it was wonderfully preserved, with a great view from the top.

Orford Castle

Orford Castle – From the Top

Orford Castle on this sunny day!

After leaving the Castle, we popped in to the nearby hotel the Crown and Castle, to get a tariff and an information leaflet (we’d heard that it was THE place to stay in Suffolk – with the prices to match. Luckily for us, we were offered a short tour of a couple of the rooms – and they were VERY impressive!

Our final stop for the day was Snape Maltings – a very twee series of retail outlets soaking up the shoppers and their income with ease! Including us! We had just finished our shopping, when the weather returned to how it had started – torrential rain. I discovered it hadn’t been a good day to leave the sun-roof on ‘tilt’ when we parked – DOH!!! I have a feeling we’ll be returning before this break is over!

Snape Maltings
Snape Maltings

Soaked through, we headed back to the Hotel for a bit of R and R before trying the Hotel’s Restaurant for our evening meal. Once again, the place was packed, but tonight the operation buckled under the pressure of it all. Slow service and a lost dessert order all contributed to it being an evening to forget – the complete opposite to last night! A real shame!

Off to Southwold tomorrow – weather permitting!

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