An Unexpected BBQ

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We don’t normally do ‘spontaneous’, but this afternoon was a very enjoyable exception!

Tom and Julie invited us round for an afternoon, ‘first sitting’ BBQ in advance of their son, Lewis (and his legions of loyal followers) arriving later for the gentlest of invasions – and also food! Lewis was DJing at the local Aqua nightclub tonight in Kettering from 3am! (Oh, to be young again!!)

We picked up Karen and arrived just after 4.30. Rosi, Rhiannon and David joined us later.

Good old Tom, in spite of the atrocious – but typical Bank Holiday – weather (it had p***** it down ALL day), it didn’t stop him firing up the barbeque and cooking enough chicken, sweetcorn and sausages to feed the whole of Northamptonshire! With Julie on oven duties, and Ann providing a variety of breads and a lemon drizzle cake for afters, together with Karen’s legendary Pavlova, ‘first sitting’ got underway, with the ‘feeding of the 5000’ coming later.

Nearly set!

BBQ Essentials!

Ann’s Polenta Cake!

No idea what this is

The first batch of the 500 Sausages and Burgers!

Ann’s Lemon Drizzle and Karen’s Pavlova

I had to try both!

By comparison, we had quite a leisurely meal, but it changed dramatically when the rest of Kettering turned up! T and J’s place was packed – maybe not 5000, but there must have been 50+ people there. And with only seating for around 8, it made things interesting with every corner of the house becoming occupied.

Us adults retired to the corner of the kitchen, whilst the youth tucked-in! Ann and I just people-watched! And, like our stomachs, the house got fuller… and fuller! At around 9pm, we decided to call it a night, and retreat to the sanctuary of home with just two humans + two cats. Well, almost human!

Thanks Tom, Thanks Julie – I don’t know how you managed to cope with the numbers, but you did a cracking good job.
Surprised smile

See you again soon!

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