Reading time: 2 minutes...It’s our last full day here and we’re heading off to Southwold (as no doubt many other locals will be doing). The weather forecast indicates that it’ll be a heatwave of 13C rising to 14C – not exactly sunbathing weather, but we plan to make the most of it!

Actually, as the day rolled on, the weather got better and better. it may not have been the hottest day of the year, but there was a complete absence of rain – and even better – wall-to-wall sunshine!


First stop was Southwold and as we thought, the rest of Suffolk had the same idea – ‘Let’s go to the Pier’
Southwold Pier

Southwold Pier
Scenes from Southwold Pier
After a quick lap of the Pier, we took a pitstop in the Cafe, before heading off to the town centre. Half of mankind followed, and after some difficulties finding a parking space, we eventually found a spot behind the Co-Op leaving us free to roam the high street.

2014-05-25 12.10.28
Scenes of the High Street in Southwold

And then it was back in the car and heading off in the direction of Aldeburgh. On arrival, we could see that now the other half of mankind had got there before us – it was packed, and anywhere with ice-cream on the menu was attracting the masses! We avoided the crowds initially, heading for the beach, and although there was stiff breeze blowing, it was gorgeous sitting out in the Sun.

2014-05-25 15.08.24
Aldeburgh Beach – Scorchio! (almost!)

Then we hit the high street. It had everything a shopper could ask for, but nothing for a blogger like me in the shape of a data signal!

Steaming mad
Yes, #O2, I’m looking at you!!! I’ve travelled half-way round the world and you’ve never let me down. Then I drive a hundred or so miles in my home country, to a well loved and well known high street, and I can’t even log onto any social network. Talk about #BeMoreDog, I want to #SeeMoreMeg).

Rant over!!!
Open-mouthed smile
Update 29 May: Spoke with O2 who confirmed that they don’t have data connectivity anywhere along the high street. Move away from the main drag into the side roads and a data signal is available. Weird!

The Lighthouse Restaurant - Aldeburgh
With our mini-sunbathe session giving way to the collective rumble of tummies, we dropped into our old favourite The Lighthouse in the high street. As expected,  we enjoyed fab service and fab food, just as we remember it last time back in 2007. With our eyes on the extensive menu, this time, Lee and Ann again opted for their legendary Fish and Chips, whilst I chose their Fish Pie. It was all delicious and Ann and I even managed to squeeze in a shared Sticky Toffee Pudding! – apparently, it’s the law round here!!!
Winking smile
Then it was a final look round the high street before heading back to the hotel – and a spot of packing, as we’re leaving after breakfast tomorrow.

All-in-all, it’s been a great break. The better-than-expected weather certainly helped, and the hotel has been good (although, in my opinion not very good), making it, on balance a very enjoyable stay. There’s still plenty to do up this way, and I’ve no doubt we’ll be back before too long.

See ya Suffolk!!!

Any comments?