Worcester: Long Weekend – Saturday: Tewkesbury & Gloucester

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Today, we headed for Tewkesbury. It was mainly to look around as tourists, but also to find somewhere for wallpaper and other bits and pieces for the converted bedroom. After parking the car, we had a quick look round the shops and the old architecture in the town before heading for Tewkesbury Abbey for a bit of culture.

The Abbey looked fabby! – especially the inside and the highly coloured/decorated ceiling
There was even an exhibition of knights in armour complete with real knights!

Then, it was off round the shops again to focus on stuff for the bedroom. Initially, it was all a bit disappointing, as we just couldn’t find anything to match or complement the colours of the duvet cover we’d bought previously to ‘set’ the colours for the rest of the decor. On a whim, we popped into a home furnishing store in the high street although we weren’t expecting to have much success. To our surprise, we spotted some table lamps with EXACTLY the right coloured shades, stem and base.


We celebrated with a coffee and now having exhausted the home-furnishing stores here decided to drive to Gloucester to see if we’d have some luck there too.  The roads were clear and it was easy to park, but before we shopped, we couldn’t resist a bit more culture – in the shape of Gloucester Cathedral.

And once more, we were all ‘cultured-out’ – so it was back to the shopping expedition. Our initial peruse round the shops was a complete failure – Dunelm, Habitat and Homebase – nothing! Then as we wandered through the main town, we decided to give Debenhams another go (even though we’d tried them yesterday in Cheltenham). Success number 2! as we homed in on the bedding department for all the pillow-cases and bed-sheets. This was quickly followed by our next success and finding the right coloured cushions in BHS!


By  now we were knackered, and so it was a quick trip to M and S for all the ingredients for a carpet picnic before heading back to the B&B.

It’s been a good day for shopping, but we still need to source the wallpaper (and that’s proving to be ‘mission impossible’!) The decorator is scheduled to begin in around three weeks – no pressure! (again!!)

It’s been a good couple of days, but the weather’s been disappointing – nowhere near as warm as we thought it was going to be. So, it was a good job we had a result on the shopping front, otherwise we might not as felt as positive about our weekend away as we now do.

We’re heading home tomorrow after breakfast

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