Impromptu Pork

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At quite short notice, Karen invited us round tonight in celebration of Paul’s birthday. You can’t go wrong with Karen’s cooking and tonight was no exception – a rather excellent pork casserole with lashings of mash complemented by red cabbage and peas – a real treat for the taste-buds!

And if that wasn’t enough (it was!), Rosi had brought along plenty of Manchester Tarts (nothing like a few tarts at a party to get people talking!) as well as the moistest, yummiest chocolate cake I’ve tasted in a while.

Most of the gang were there and it was good to see Pam there in such good spirits after the recent passing of Jeff, her husband (Paul’s Dad).

In spite of being a weekday, we were all in a party mood, but as so often happens with us two, we suddenly crashed as the clock struck 11. So it was off on that long journey from number 15, to ours at number 16 – and then straight to bed!!!

Happy Birthday Paul!

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