DVD Frenzy (Part 2)

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I’m still wading through all the DVDs I got for Christmas and after yesterday’s viewing that left me a tad disappointed, today’s session was much more satisfying. It was only when I was assembling my comments, that I noticed that they all had a single theme in common – alternative/parallel universes.

So, if you’re a fan of that sort of stuff, read on! If not, don’t worry, in another universe, another you is ignoring this post!

DVD - The Thirteenth Floor “The 13th Floor”
I just love this film. It’s not the best of plots, but there’s something quite endearing about the story-within-a-story (that may also be within a story). Pass the paracetemol!

DVD - Existenz “eXistenZ”
Similar in many ways to The 13th Floor, but a bit more ‘fleshy’. It’s another interesting script where there’s a story-within-a-story, (or is there?), but best not recommended for those with a bad back or those who quiver when they hear squelchy bodily sounds. The upper and lower case letters in the title are important, so pay attention at the back!

three star
DVD - Doppelganger “Journey to the Far Side of the Sun”
Also known as Doppelganger, this is another Gerry Anderson sans puppets production. The whole notion of ‘another’ Earth is an interesting one and the film raises all sorts of questions about whether everything is copied in this parallel world… or is it simply mirrored? oooo-errr, more medication please Nurse!

DVD - Adventure in Space and Time “An Adventure in Space and Time”
Lovely, lovely lovely! Even if you’re not a Who fan, this is a wonderful tribute to a bygone TV era and those who started the whole ‘Who-thing’ off. You may need tissues!Thanks BBC, this was worth the licence fee alone – but why no Blu-ray version?
five star

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