Fish Natter!

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Jo and Janet popped round for a Lent-friendly fish-supper whilst we all watched The Martian on blu-ray DVD.

Ann went l fishy’ and prepared Crab Cakes, Mackerel Pate, Salmon poached in coconut milk and Spicy Prawns. We nattered the evening away and in the case of Jo and I, this was helped with assistance from Jo’s extensive stock of gin! Ann and Janet ‘slummed it’ with Champagne!


  • Macaronesian (very smooth)
  • Edinburgh (a bit more punchy)
  • Lakes (for me, the best of the three)

      The cumulative effect of the alcohol meant that we didn’t get as far as Napue, but we are gradually working our way up the proof-scale – these were in their 40s, and Lakes was 43.7%.

      Dessert was Fruit Tart, but I avoided it because of the Pastry – it wasn’t too difficult, as the Gin was working its magic making standing up a temporary problem!
      Confused smile
      The DVD, The Martian, starring Matt Damon, was excellent, and made a refreshing change from most American movies being all ‘cops, car chases and conspiracies’!

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