Lunch with Sally B (Not!)

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Image by Steve Palmer (UK) via Flickr

I was due to meet Sally B at Brown’s in Cambridge today for our three-monthly catch-up. But things didn’t quite work out.

Lee (who’d rung to say she wasn’t feeling too well) had invited Mum down for lunch (as I was going to be out), and I agreed to drop her off on my way out. So far, so normal!

The whole plan was scuppered by Biscuit managing to cover herself in half of next door’s garden last night and then blending it on her rear-end with an upset bottom! – Lovely!! – so she need sorting out ASAP!

Luckily, Patsy agreed to sort Biscuit out today which meant I also needed to drop her off in Rushden AND get over to Cambridge for 12ish AND get back to Rushden by 1.30.

My perfectly ordered day seemed to be disappearing fast and there was no option but to cancel lunch and reschedule it.

So, I dropped off Biscuit and then headed home to do some work for an hour or so. I picked Biscuit up just after 1 o’clock – Patsy had performed miracles on Biscuit who looked (and smelt) like a new cat!!

I dropped Biscuit back at ours, and the drove round to Lee’s to pick-up Mum.

2.30. Ahhh, normality returns to Pemberley Grange. Mum home and watching TV, check. Biscuit looking and smelling great, check. All my work done for the week, check.

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