‘Biscuit’ goes walkabout…

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Image by Steve Palmer (UK) via Flickr

I was working from home all day today, and Biscuit kept coming into the office and whingeing – and that’s unusual. I gave her a cuddle and seemed to quieten her down, but an hour later, she was at it again.

At around 4.30, just when I decided to lock-up to go down to the station to pick-up Ann, I realised Biscuit wasn’t around. The last time she disappeared was in May.

I checked everywhere! inside the house and outside in the garden – no sign of her anywhere! In the end, I had to lock-up and go down to the station. Hopefully, she’d be sitting outside the patio-doors when we got back!

We got in around 6.10, and there was initially, no sign of her. Then, over in the corner of the garden, I saw a strangely familiar sight – a soaking wet Persian!!! – who rushed in the house as soon as I opened the patio-doors. Phew, we’re feeling a mixture of relief and annoyance…but I guess that’s the pleasure of owning cats.

If only they could talk; and what if I could speak Persian – what a conversation we’d have!!!
Steaming mad Winking smile

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