Lunch with Steve S

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Hobson's Choice

Image by Steve Palmer (UK) via Flickr

Steve popped over for our normal three-monthly get-together and we went for lunch at our standard haunt: Hobson’s Choice.

Actually, it’s been slightly longer than three months, as I noticed we last saw each other back in March.

Steve brought a selection of wedding pictures with him showing-off his daughter’s wedding in France – plus a few of him doing his speech (that apparently went down extremely well!)

Both being of ‘deep-pockets’, we opted for the menu containing two-meals-for-a-tenner!
Smile Smile Smile 
We went for our usuals: Fish and Chips for Steve and Sausage and Mash for me. Service was as efficient as ever although it did take them three attempts to pour me a successful John Smith’s!

We spent so much time nattering, Steve was nearly late leaving for his appointment with the bank manager. A swift exit was required, but we were slightly hindered by some ‘wheelchair-rage’ where one chair was exiting and one was arriving through the same door as us, all at exactly the same time! The door-frame just wasn’t wide enough and so everyone ground to a halt, rather like nervous L–drivers arriving at a busy roundabout!!

It’s been great to catch-up. We said our good-byes and plan to try and get together one more time before Christmas – probably in November.

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