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Carluccios - St Pancras Station 
The Lovers - St Pancras International StationI took the 9.57 train to London today to meet-up at St Pancras International with Peter and Isabel from The Old Croydonians’ Association. We met upstairs by the famous clock and the statue – ‘The Lovers’.

For us to meet anywhere other than the school was a first for us, but the aim was to make our get-together as productive as possible by cutting down on our individual travel-time.

We all arrived around 11.10 and dropped into Carluccio’s on the top floor by the clock and statue and  began our discussions. By 12.35, we’d covered everything that we planned to, and squeezed inThe Clock - St Pancras Internation Station a couple of coffees too!

We all agreed that this was the ‘way forward’ for meetings and after we said our good-byes, I was able to jump on the 1 o’clock with time to spare – brilliant!!!

A pleasant diversion on the way home – Dropped into Tom and Julie’s to help them set up their new HTC phones. We didn’t quite get as much done as we would have liked, (I couldn’t get the email app to send and receive), but Nick did manage to get the MS’s MarketPlace app installed as well as ActivSync – which was a great start!

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