Lunch with Antony and Sue – and Lee

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A while back, in a galaxy far, far away, Sainsbury’s restructured, and some of their long-servers sought other homes, whilst a few, through a variety of circumstances, stayed-put. Ann headed for pastures new, Antony, her closest work-colleague, chose ‘option b’.

He and his wife, Sue came to lunch today. We haven’t seen them since we dropped into theirs in December 2009.

Lee popped-in too – not to do the ironing for us (which makes a change!) – but purely to chill-out and help the four of us polish off a rather nice couple of small chickens!

It was great to catch-up with everyone, especially A and S – Antony’s still at JS, and Sue’s working part-time at the local hospital. They’ve now got a cat – Daisy – and their tame chickens are in good health, although the feathered few are slightly depleted now, after a fox fancied a takeaway.

16.45: As so often happens in these social situations, just as we got talking, it was time to head home. The weather had deteriorated so they faced a heavy downpour as they motored south.

Cheers both – it was really good to see you after all this time. See you in December, err, I mean March (sshhhh!!) Winking smile

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