Ian, Mags and Steve: Dinner in Stratford

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I drove over to Stratford-upon-Avon to meet up with Ian and Margaret for our regular three-monthly get-together. We haven’t seen each since our visit to the Saxon Mill in November. I left here early afternoon, so I could get to Ian’s by 2.30 in order to finish resuscitating his laptop. That seemed to go well, but there’s an outstanding issue with his printer, where Windoze just refuses to recognise its existence! We had to leave it re-installing as time was rushing by and we were due at the restaurant by 7.

We chose to eat at One Elm just outside the centre of town. The restaurant soon filled-up and the initial welcome was very warm and friendly. The menu looked interesting and I chose the potato and leek soup followed by the ‘Roast-of-the-day’ – Lamb!

The quality of the food was exceptionally good, but unfortunately, the service deteriorated rapidly – which was a shame. They seemed to just forget about us. In fact, we just gave up on ordering the desserts and skipped the coffee too – we’d been there for just under two-hours and they’d only managed the starter and the mains! OK, there were quite busy, but that’s no excuse!

This was a real disappointment for me, but made slightly easier to bear due to the money-off vouchers that Ian and Mags had acquired. Nice one dudes!!!

We left around 9pm, and I got caught in a horrendous rain-storm on the short walk back to my car. It was a good journey back (in spite of the rain) and I was in just before 10.

We’re seeing each other again in May.

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