The Cats are 5 today!

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It’s official, Biscuit IS a lap-cat!!! ..but only under specific conditions:
1. Only if one of us is sitting on the settee, not on a chair, not in the kitchen….just the settee and the front-room 
2. Only if it’s on the right hand side.
3. Only if she feels like it

Cats huh!

bonbon_5 Bon-Bon meanwhile continues to avoid laps at all costs, and still fights a bit when we pick her up – and runs a mile if we place her on our lap!

Patsy, continues to provide a first-class grooming service and although the cats both put-up a hell-of-a-fight when we put them in the cat-carriers, they soon quieten down. It’s a six-weekly ritual now and we think we’ve got the interval about right.

The cats continue to love the garden and are out there whenever they have an opportunity to whinge at a nearby human!. The weather doesn’t seem to be a deterrent and they’ve even got used to playing in the snow. Biscuit seems to have lost her wanderlust and although she sits on the fence a lot, she goes no further! Bon-Bon doesn’t ‘do fences’, she’s got a lot more body-mass to launch – she prefers stay firmly on the ground – definitely a cat with no-aLtitude – arff arff!

biscuit_5 They’re both still eating both wet and dry food – we’re now buying the dry stuff from Zooplus in bulk. A great service and about half the price of the shops. I wish we could do the same for the wet variety. They both still drink the green pond-water in preference to the fresh stuff inside, although since I also put an extra bowl of water outside they tend to make that their first stop whenever we let them out.

Their morning routine continues. As soon as I’m up, Bon-Bon is ahead of me, waiting for me to open the patio-doors. Biscuit still prefers to lie-in, but occasionally joins Bon-Bon but then returns to her corner of our bed as soon as she can. We think Biscuit has swallowed a magnet because when she’s inside, she seems to be attached to radiators…as long as they’re warm!

The still occasional have a ‘mega-chase’ round the house – but it’s a bit of a rarity now, as they prefer to sleep during their down-time.

They’re getting better at responding to their names, but because they’re cats, when they want to ignore the humans they will.

The Cat-Tower is where they spend most of their day-time (when they’re not sleeping on our bed, or in Biscuit’s case, by a radiator!) At night, they still both follow us up to bed. Biscuit is normally there first, and straight up onto the bed. She now regularly expects a bit of a comb-out before settling down on the corner of my side of the bed. Bon-Bon tends to take the other corner, and I’m beginning to think we should have bought a bigger bed..wider anyway!

Bon-Bon still has this habit of tapping plants with her paw – weird!!! – a sort of ‘handshake’ – and she’s still offering her paw when we hold out our hand  – very dog-like.

We tried them in a cattery over Christmas whilst we were away, and although the place did all the right things – I think they both missed the constant human company (and running around on the lawn). On reflection, I think we’re going to avoid catteries for that reason in the future.

The cat from opposite, who had a spate of terrorising Bon-Bon, in previous years, doesn’t seem to be around anymore – so that’s good news for ours!

They’ve not grown very much in a year, but Bon-Bon’s fur (especially during the months of November and December) seems to get thicker and thicker – the result is that during that period, she looks twice the size of Biscuit and needs extra grooming.

So, there we are – another year on, we’re all a bit older and maybe a bit wiser too! The cats are great company and are becoming even more affectionate – especially with strangers.

Happy 5th Birthday Biscuit and Bon-Bon!!

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