Cats in – Sunglasses out!

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Today was the day we took the cats it for their normal six-monthly ‘service’ – we postponed it from yesterday, because we were busy with wedding stuff and Patsy needed to drive to Bournemouth to rescue some abandoned cats – all 17 of them!

David and Val popped round for lunch. We had Italian cheese and meats for starters, followed by chicken and slow roasted veg. Dessert came courtesy of Val – flan and a hot cherry tart. All scrummy. In spite of the so-so weather during the week, it all brightened up today and we actually were able to eat outside – a proper scorcher!

Ralph and Karen arrived just after four o’clock. They’ve been south for the weekend and Ralph was going to be dropping off Karen at the station for 6.30 tonight to get her home.

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