Bobby Charlton (for Cats)/Frank and Helen’s Do

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 Bon-Bon looking fierce!

We dropped the cats off at Patsy’s today for their normal six-weekly wash and brush-up. It was much more of a challenge this time as Bon-Bon’s right-hand side had become completely matted over the past week or two – we think it must have been the damp weather.

Amazingly, Patsy and her team – in spite of a bit of spilt (human) blood – managed to do a really good job, and although Bon-Bon now sports a Bobby Charlton type ‘comb-over’, at least it’ll all grow back!!!!

Frank and Helen's Golden Wedding Anniversary
In the evening, Lee, Ann and I drove the short distance to Wicksteed Park for Helen and Frank’s ‘do’ – their Golden Wedding Anniversary combined with Helen’s 70th birthday party. Parking was a bit challenging because of another do there, but after finding what seemed the last place in the car-park, we headed inside.

Jo, Janet and Carol were already there and Jo had organised a slide-show of Frank and Helen through the ages – a nice touch to get the party started. The room had also been decorated with various family photos and Hockley’s (the guys who made our Wedding Cake) had made their cake too.

Considering Wicksteed’s on our doorstep, I think it was the first time we’d been to a ‘do’ there! Bonkers! The split-level room was just right for the numbers – about fifty people all-told, and had a Bar, an area for food and a sizeable dance area. We shared a table with John and Maxine (who we’d met at J and J’s Civil do) and it didn’t take long before we were catching-up with all the gossip. 

Champagne followed soon after we arrived (perfect!), accompanied by  plenty of food and a good range of music too – it was a great evening and it good to see Frank and Helen having so much fun. We stayed outrageously late (for us!) – 11.30 🙂

Sore heads in the morning I think!!!!

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