Film: Spider-man: No Way Home (2021)

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Talking of ‘Home’, here we are, far away from home on our 10th Anniversary break in Chatham. There’s an Odeon quite literally on our doorstep, so we took full advantage of the location.

The movie machine that is Marvel, continues to dominate the big-screen with its latest offering, the third in the Marvel Spiderman story-arc that previously included Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019). For those that are counting, this movie continues Marvel’s Phase 4 collection of cinema releases!

SPOILER ALERT! – Don’t read below the trailer if you plan to watch it ‘cold’.

Those that know me, know that I’m a big fan of the Marvel franchise of movies, so perhaps it’s not a surprise that I’ve rated it so highly. If I attempt to be wholly objective, I’d say: great story, justifiable CGI, characters you care about and a good overall structure.

If you’re NOT a fan of Marvel’s way of doing things, and prefer previous ‘Spideys’ such as Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield you won’t be disappointed (I’ll say no more at this point!).

It’s a thoroughly good escapist chunk of entertainment and well worth the 2 hours and 28 minutes screen-time.

I’d add that this is not a typical Marvel superhero outing. The plot is complex, there are a lot of characters, and so it helps if you’ve seen previous Spider-man movies. The ending is more akin to Endgame – so best pack a few tissues! 😢😢

And don’t forget the now familiar ‘post-credit’ scene. This time there is actually TWO. The first kicks-in after the initial batch of credits, whilst the second is right at the very end. The former, I’d say, is more pivotal to the long-term MCU, whilst the latter tells us more about Dr Strange’s next outing – “The Multiverse of Madness”.

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