Film: West Side Story (2021)

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It probably wouldn’t have been my first choice, but all the reviews suggested that Steven Spielberg had done a fantastic job with this production.

So, we headed off to the local Odeon (with masks!) and Jo and Janet to catch the 1pm performance.

Based around the 1961 version, it was slightly longer, clocking-in at a whopping 2 hours 36 minutes! Comparisons with the original were inevitable, and I deliberately chose to avoid the controversy surrounding the original’s ‘troubled birth’ focusing instead on this new production as simply a standalone piece of big-screen musical entertainment.

OK, it got off to a slow start but picked up the pace after the first 30 minutes. Full of tunes that we all know such as ‘Maria’, ‘Tonight’, I Feel Pretty’, and about a gazillion others, the singing was superb and the harmonies beautifully matched. The performances from all concerned were some of the best acting and choreography I’ve seen in a long while and even if you don’t particularly like Musicals as a genre, it was an entertaining watch.

As every schoolboy knows, West Side Story is based in part, on Romeo & Juliet. The ending, therefore, is no secret, and you will still need a generous supply of tissues to make it through the final Act. As a result, we weren’t left with the most positive of moods on exit, so best not to go if you’re already on a bit of a downer! ☚ī¸

In spite of that, it was a memorable movie for all the right reasons! 👍

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