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It’s that time again – we’re catching up with Ann’s good friend, Nicki!

Almost zero calories (yeah, right!)

Unfortunately, it was just Nicki, this time, as Richard had a work event to go to. No matter, the girls had plenty of catching-up to do – and I just kept the teas and coffees flowing, together with some Orange & Cranberry ‘nibbles’ that we’d made yesterday. 😋😋.

With nibbles over, we spent the morning refining our Cruise plans for our ‘Northants Nutters’ five-day getaway in August.

It seemed it was a non-stop eating event today! Next stop (for lunch) we headed to the Red Lion in nearby Cranford. It’s always good food there (if a little on the pricey side!) and with so much choice around these parts, we haven’t been there since Bonfire Night 2016! 😲

A super-scrummy lunch! I had the Pulled-Pork Pie whilst the girls enjoyed their Harissa Chicken. We decided to skip Dessert, preferring instead to head home and sample Nicki’s latest batch of her (always excellent!) Chocolate Brownies, helped along with some Cornish Ice-Cream.

After Dessert, we took Nicki through our photos from our recent holiday in the Pacific.

Then, it was TV all the way for the rest of the afternoon! And with us going to see the latest Mission Impossible movie tomorrow, we caught up with an earlier instalment- Mission Impossible 4 aka Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

The day passed in a flash, and before we knew it, it was time for Nicki to say her goodbyes and headed for home. It had been great to catch up with all her news (and future plans) and we’re looking forward to all meeting up again in Portsmouth next month. 😍

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