Film: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023)

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For us, the most anticipated film of the year! πŸ‘πŸ‘

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>> Running Time: 154 mins <<


Strangely (and widely reported) there doesn’t appear to be an ‘official’ synopsis for this final outing for ‘Indy’. Not sure why not, so here’s my take on it…

“Archaeologist Indiana Jones races against time to retrieve a legendary artefact that has the power to change history”.

Well, at least there’s an OFFICIAL Poster! πŸ‘

Cast & Creatives


Writers: Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth, David Koepp and James Mangold based on characters created by George Lucas and Philip Kaufman.

Production Team: George Lucas & Steven Spielberg (Executive Producers) Candice Campos, Anthony Dixon (co-Producers) Simon Emanuel, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall (Producers) Blake Simon and Nathan Woods (Associate Producers)

Music by John Williams.

Cinematography by Phedon Papamichael.

Editing by Andrew Buckland, Michael McCusker and Dirk Westervelt.

Casting By Nina Gold.

Production Design by Adam Stockhausen.

Thanks, IMDB. Full list is HERE.

Worth Going?

⚠️Mild Spoilers ahead⚠️

This one divided the critics! The Daily Telegraph gave it a two-star rating and IndieWire called it: an empty slog of a movie. Others, like Deadline, were more positive, commenting: However much action swirls on the surface of this kind of film, its foundations are built of reassuring nostalgia.

Ooo err! As we headed to the Odeon, we wondered if we were going to be disappointed?

Well, for us two fans, we think the Telegraph and IndieWire must have been watching a different film! πŸ˜€. Dial of Destiny had all the hallmarks of the earlier ‘Indy’ outings, especially the first half-an-hour or so, featuring a digitally de-aged Harrison Ford that could have easily been passed off as ‘lost film footage’ from the 80s! Action scene followed action scene (just how we like it and the hallmarks that most have come to expect from the IJ movies)

Credible acting all the way through, where the distinction between the good and the bad guys was easy to spot, and the plot was predictable (ish). In other words, the perfect tonic for a slightly dull Sunday afternoon. Hat’s (and whips) off to Harrison Ford who betrayed his age in later scenes, living up to the mantle: ‘all action hero’ – just how we remember him!

The soundtrack is very familiar, and I dare you not to hum along to the main theme when our hero is doing what he does best! πŸ˜‰

Action all the way, with just the right amount of lighter moments made this a joy from beginning to end! πŸ‘. If you’re an Indiana Jones fan, ignore the doom-sayers, this is a worthy end to the franchise and will give you a nice warm and fuzzy feeling feeling to start your week.

If you’re not a fan of eels (with or without mash), then that might be an appropriate time to visit the loo, together with a short claustrophobic scene featuring an assortment of creepy crawlies. Tissues at the ready for the final scene (it seems this dose of sentimentality is now obligatory in most modern blockbusters) but it kind of works in this context, making it a worthy end to the franchise.

Or is it the end?

Go see! We can’t recommend it enough.

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