Reading time: < 1 minute...Today, I attended my ‘Speed Workshop’. Strange title really, as I obviously don’t need a Workshop in speeding!! The event was held in Northampton and was offered in lieu of acquiring three points on my Drivers Licence. See these blogs HERE and HERE for the gory details, how I got caught and the surprise of receving the opportunity to attend this Workshop.

It was a really good Workshop. Interesting without being patronising and a good balance between information, education and humour.

There was around 16 of us there with a rough 50/50 split between the ‘boys’ and ‘girls’. Ages ranged from 30s to 60s and we were all from around the Northamptonshire area.

These Workshops have been running for six years and they’re ‘trained’ 50000 people!

Useful website for related information is HERE

Any comments?