Salvation Army Carol Concert (2022)

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On a chilly Saturday evening, we headed to the Salvation Army Citadel in town for 7pm and their annual Carol Service. Due to COVID and other commitments, we haven’t done this for quite a few years!

I can’t think why we didn’t go to this event back in December 2019 (their last one before you-know-what).

To put tonight into perspective, the town’s mood was sombre to say the least. Kettering doesn’t often make the national news, but it had earlier in the week (for all the WRONG reasons). We were all still reeling from the news of a horrific murder of a woman and her two young children that took place literally 400 yards from where we were all standing! Horrible!!! πŸ™

The countdown begins…

As I mentioned, the last time there was a Christmas Carol Concert here was back in 2019 (as usual, on a SUNDAY) and there were THREE performances. This year, there was just the SINGLE event tonight – Saturday – and one tomorrow. Consequently, tonight’s competed directly with the Strictly Come Dancing Final on TV. So, maybe that was a factor as to why attendance was pretty low. Looking around, sadly, it was probably the lowest we’d ever experienced, since 2014 when started coming here. Whether that was down to the TV competition or another reason, I’m not quite sure, but it did feel somewhat lacking as a result. A real shame! ☹️

Major Nigel hosted the evening

Led by Major Nigel Govier, Kettering’s Citadel’s head-honcho, tonight had all the great ingredients of past performances (sans nativity scene) – including the Kettering Citadel Brass Band, The Children’s Band, The Songsters (their in-house choir) and the Children’s Choir. As in previous years, there was an opportunity for us to sing along to some well-known Carols. And, in spite of the technology providing the words on-screen having some minor wobbles along the way, it all sounded really good, especially given the lower turnout.

Nigel did a great job in hosting the evening. From past experiences, he has always been great at getting the audience ‘onside’ with his humour and empathy, but I did feel tonight, we was having to work harder than usual to involve us all.

In addition to the singing, we had a selection of pertinent readings from the scriptures together with a summary of the great work Kettering Salvation Army has done locally for those who are struggling – eating , heating and paying their bills.

Ella Clark (surely destined for greater things!?)

For us, the standout performance was from Ella Clark, one of the younger members of the Army who had a gifted voice as she gave us her interpretation of Who is He? Ella is certainly destined for (even) greater things.

The lower numbers tonight meant that the traditional collection didn’t quite pull in the pound of years past – cΒ£385 – but every little helps doesn’t it?

As we head towards the Big Day, it was great to be part of another festive event to get us in the mood for Christmas! πŸŽ…πŸŽ„

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