£1-a-Day (2019)

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Well, here we go! David and I are doing our charity ‘thing’ again this year – starting today – and living on just £1 a day for food and drink for the next seven days! 😮

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This year, we also have new recruit ‘Helen’ joining us in lieu of her hubby Paul, (who’s taking the easy way out 😁 and making plans to trek across Cambodia raising money for the Salvation Army!)

…I think I’d rather trek across a supermarket! 😉

Why do this? Well, it’s great way for me to lose a bit of weight and also to get involved in a good cause. This is now our SIXTH year, and in previous years, we appear to have inspired others to get involved their own ‘£1-a-day’ for other causes – and that’s very rewarding in itself! Last year, we set a target of £1500 – and you helped us smash that by donating £2000. Thank you!! For 2019, we are again supporting the Salvation Army and we’ve upped the target, attempting to raise £2000. We’ve set up a donations page to make it a more a meaningful event (see below).

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We did the shopping at Aldi and Morrison’s a few days ago, and we noticed that in many cases food prices had gone down a little – that was a pleasant surprise, and it did mean we could squeeze in some fresh fruit this year (first time ever – hello Mr Nectarine!) and some treats, to keep us motivated 😯

In many cases, cheaper than in 2018 – £16.37 spent to-date (click for a larger version)

As you can see, we haven’t spent ALL our budget yet – just £16.37. There’s a few more bits to get – we need to pick up some pasta, some chilli sauce, possibly some more mushrooms and more rice – but DEFINITELY some small motivational treats for in-between meals. All-in-all though, we’re pleased that prices, in many cases, seem to have gone down. 😁

The challenges each year, when buying the food for this event are numerous. Most significantly, ‘Variety’ is a big problem – and as a result, that makes the menu at best, ‘slightly boring‘. We’ve tried every-which-way to make it more exciting, but after six years at this, we just have to accept the repetition and lack of creativity – Masterchef this isn’t!

One of the other challenges is attempting to buy some of the ingredients in sufficiently small quantities. Specifically: it’s just impossible to buy a small enough portion of the tea-bags and milk we need for the seven days. Buying shops’ minimum sizes means we still risk blowing the budget and then have too much stock left over at the end. Our workaround is to estimate how much we actually consume – and calculate a unit price – and take it from normal household stock. For 2019, that’s 1p per teabag – 50p – and 60p’s worth of milk!

Mission Accomplished (almost!)

A further challenge is that it’s hardly a well-balanced diet! Just as well we’re only doing this for seven days! Imagine if this was how you had to eat ALL THE TIME! 🤔

But after a few years of doing this, we just don’t think it’s possible to have three meals a day – for just £1 each – AND ensure it’s all nutritious. I’ll be really very happy to hear from anyone who can suggest how we might make the week ahead more healthy! And before you ask, buying raw fruit and veg and ‘making it all from scratch’, sounds like a smart move, but sadly, it just doesn’t work.

UPDATE: Friday, 6th. David picked up all the bits we couldn’t get on Thursday, so now we have all (or pretty much all) we need for 2019’s challenge – and what’s more, in the end, we didn’t quite spend the whole £21 – just £18.18.

Under nourished but under budget by £2.72!

So, here is our meal schedule for the next seven days…

This will NOT win ‘Nutritious Meal of the Year Award’! (click for a larger version)

Wish us luck! 🤐 Next stop: ‘Day 1 Breakfast’ in about an hour. Yummy!!! 🙄

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Previous Events

Palmers and Bricklayers

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Palmers Reunited

The hottest day of the year so far!

A scorcher of a day, as we headed down to Bromley to catch up with Neil, Debbie, Alfie and Frankie.

Just to make a change, rather than our normal haunt of ASK, at the top of the high-street, we chose The Bricklayers Arms, just a five-minute walk from Bromley South station. Last time we all got together was back in August last year, and it was great to catch-up with everyone’s news.

Food-wise, in my case, it was a bit under-par. Clearly the regular Chef was off today, and in his place, they’d recruited someone who works at the local Crematorium! Let’s just say my chicken-burger was very north of ‘well-done’ and if they cooked enough of them, it would have solved the local pot-hole problem! 😕

The Chef’s other job was in a Crematorium!

Luckily, the Dessert was kinder on my teeth! 😊

Better, much better!

2.15pm: Time for goodbyes as we returned to the baking heat outside. A short walk later we were on the platform. Some unlucky timing and picking the wrong platform for the ‘fast’ to Victoria meant we didn’t board until around 3pm. 😕

5.20pm: After a very sweaty journey home on the Train, we eventually arrived through the door! But perspiration waits for no-one and by 5.55pm, we were ready for our next jaunt – The Salvation Army’s ‘Concert for Ethiopia’ supporting their work there. We picked-up David and were soon parked, heading for the Kettering Citadel. It was already very busy when we arrived, and initially it was tricky finding three vacant seats – a nice problem to have though!

Concert for Ethiopia

The lack of seats meant tonight was a really well-supported affair – and the two-hour concert didn’t disappoint! For our entertainment: A Junior Brass Band (obviously), a Young Choir, a solo singer – Charlie Green and Kettering’s very own Thomas Fountain on the Cornet. It was all MCed by the Salvation Army’s ever-humourous-and-engaging Jack.

We know Thomas quite well – he played at our Wedding – and we’ve seen him in concert a few times since. With four separate musical pieces, he really made his instrument sing, and is clearly at the ‘top of his game’! In fact, everyone was simply superb in their own way tonight – and the applause confirmed it!

And so did people’s generosity! We’re happy to report that they raised over £1000 – and that was in addition to the ticket sales.

8.25pm: It all came to an end after the final upbeat number from the Band. As good as it was though, it had been very warm in there and we were glad to get out into the fresh air. We popped into nearby JS to pick up a few bits-and-pieces for tomorrow’s visit to Denis’s (first time EVER that I didn’t complain that the Store was too cold!) – and then headed home.

9.00pm: We sat outside, where the thermometer in the garden was still reading in excess of 30 degrees!

Phew! What a scorcher today! 😊👍🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

Big Band for a Big Event

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You might remember Paul – he joined forces with David and me for our ‘£1-a-Day’ fund-raising event in 2017 and 2018.

Paul as he looked BEFORE someone told him about Cambodia’s creepy-crawlies!

Well, he’s mad enough – in a good way – to continue his generous nature and has volunteered to do a 94km sponsored walk. Yes, you read that correctly – 94km!!!

And this is no ordinary walk! How about five days across Cambodia in November!

It’s all for a great cause: to raise money for the Salvation Army – specifically Gloucester House Rehabilitation Centre in Swindon. Apparently the walk also involves camping overnight in tents, but this is no Glamping event as Paul is going ‘old-school’ with ‘good ol’ fashioned’ blankets and mattresses (and did I mention the creepy-crawlies!). Add to that, the humidity and heat, and it sounds horrendous!! Massive respect Paul!

By comparison, it makes our £1-a-Day event sound very tame! 😕

Previously, we’d also been part of a (much safer and more comfortable) Quiz Night earlier in the year supporting the same cause. Rather him than me in Cambodia! Quizzes I can do, but long walks are not my thing – and 94km is a serious amount of shoe-leather 😲

Tonight’s fund-raiser re-lived the era of Swing from the 40s in the company of the SA BigBand – and it didn’t disappoint! Nick (Band-Leader and Piano) led the 19-strong Band through a series of Swing-staples indispersed with a few more religious arrangements. The sound they produced was (much) greater than the sum of their parts – powerful stuff indeed! 👍😊

We also heard the vocal talents of Rob Moye who accompanied many of the numbers.

We really enjoyed the music, and all credit to Paul and Helen for organising the evening – a great event for a great cause!

Good luck on the walk Paul! 👍👍👍👍👍

£1-a-Day (2018)

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£1-a-Day Logo 2018

Well, here we are again! Starting today, it’s my ‘Pound-a-Day’ week for 2018!

This my FIFTH year exercising this little bit a will-power by living on £1 a day for a week – for all food and drink. I’m being joined again by mates, David Ablett (also in his 5th year) and Paul Marsh (returning for his a 2nd year).

Why do this? It’s great way for me to lose a bit of weight and also do something for a good cause.

This year, with David and Paul, we’re raising money for the Salvation Army and we’ve set a target of £1500. The event will end at midnight next Sunday – and we’d love you to support us.

We’ve set up a donations page for you HERE

So, all that’s left to do now is ‘get on with it’. We’ve created the Menu for the week and we’ve done all the shopping. You won’t be surprised to learn that we avoided Waitrose – and headed for the cheaper supermarkets instead!

£1-a-Day 2018
Click on the image for a larger version

It’s hardly the most exciting nor nutritious menu – MasterChef needn’t be concerned – but our limited budget excludes anything ‘too fancy’!

The Food for 2018's '£1-a-Day' Event
Click on the image for a larger version

Food Bill for 2018
Click on the image for a larger version

We spent £9.70 in Aldi and £7.96 in Morrison’s – the only item we couldn’t locate – at a price that suited us – was Nuts & Raisins for Paul’s ‘between-meal’ snacks. However, if we allow for the additional cost of milk at 75p, our careful shopping means that we’ve got £2.59 left over [Maths fans that’s: (3 x £7) – (£9.70+£7.96+£0.75)] in case we need a top-up of anything.

Wish us luck!

Thanks, in advance, for your support again this year!

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