£1-a-Day (2018)

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Well, here we are again! Starting today, it’s my ‘Pound-a-Day’ week for 2018!

This my FIFTH year exercising this little bit a will-power by living on £1 a day for a week – for all food and drink. I’m being joined again by mates, David Ablett (also in his 5th year) and Paul Marsh (returning for his a 2nd year).

Why do this? It’s great way for me to lose a bit of weight and also do something for a good cause.

This year, with David and Paul, we’re raising money for the Salvation Army and we’ve set a target of £1500. The event will end at midnight next Sunday – and we’d love you to support us.

We’ve set up a donations page for you HERE

So, all that’s left to do now is ‘get on with it’. We’ve created the Menu for the week and we’ve done all the shopping. You won’t be surprised to learn that we avoided Waitrose – and headed for the cheaper supermarkets instead!

£1-a-Day 2018
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It’s hardly the most exciting nor nutritious menu – MasterChef needn’t be concerned – but our limited budget excludes anything ‘too fancy’!

The Food for 2018's '£1-a-Day' Event
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Food Bill for 2018
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We spent £9.70 in Aldi and £7.96 in Morrison’s – the only item we couldn’t locate – at a price that suited us – was Nuts & Raisins for Paul’s ‘between-meal’ snacks. However, if we allow for the additional cost of milk at 75p, our careful shopping means that we’ve got £2.59 left over [Maths fans that’s: (3 x £7) – (£9.70+£7.96+£0.75)] in case we need a top-up of anything.

Wish us luck!

Thanks, in advance, for your support again this year!

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