Nicki’s Here! 😍

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Nicki (sans Richard) joined us for the weekend. We haven’t seen her (properly) since October last year and it was great to catch-up.


Today was all about celebrating (last) Christmas where we would have got together under normal circumstances, but didn’t, because of you-know-what!

Ann planned a full Christmas Dinner and we invited Jo and Janet up to help us celebrate! 😍

I declare this room open…

But before all that, there was the small matter of getting Nicki to ‘officially’ open the ‘The Ship Room’ that we’d recently had decorated…


We spent the next hour-or-so catching up with all Nicki’s news and then we slipped into ‘festive mode’! 🎅🎅🎅

Santa delivers..!

Lovely gifts Nicki, thank-you! A bottle of Raspberry Gin and a Red for me, plus a trio of cookbooks for Ann, entitled ‘A Pinch of Nom‘.

Next, our daily walk…

…where we took Nicki on a tour of Seagrave Manor, one of the nearby new developments. Plenty of houses already built, with plenty of room for thousands more!

Then it was time to start preparing for Christmas Dinner later. With five hungry mouths to feed, it was good job there was three of us on the prep! 👍👍👍

In the evening, Jo and Janet joined us for what was to be our belated Christmas Dinner on the patio – but the dull weather and reduced temperature put a stop to that! Instead, we reverted to the Dining Room…

A fantastic evening followed! Great food, great friends – and a great big pile of washing-up! We crashed out just before 10.45pm… that’s a very late one for us these days!


A very lazy morning followed! To being with, after last night’s feast, a (very) light breakfast was the order of the day! Ann and Nicki made plans for their trip to Ragdale Hall later this year – and then it was time to say our goodbyes just after 10.

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