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We met up with Mick & Jane at The Wheatsheaf in Titchmarsh today.

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Gosh, we haven’t been here for quite a few years. My blog says November, 2016 (also with Mick & Jane)? – but we do have more friends and do know more Pubs, honest!

It’s fair to say we’ve been great supporters of The Wheatsheaf over the years. Situated about halfway between Peterborough and Kettering, we’ve enjoyed it there when it was very good, and in recent years, unfortunately, when it was not so good! During our last visit (when the ‘for sale’ board was up in November 2016) the meal and the service were both well below par! – and we haven’t been back since! 🙄

Well, I guess every establishment has its ‘ups and downs’ (and in recent times, Covid wouldn’t have helped) so, how would it be today under its new owners?

New Menu…

That was a good start! The menu was now simpler, more straightforward than we remember it – and maybe that was a good sign in that the food is being prepared from scratch rather than simply defrosted and reheated!

How was it..?

Hunter’s Chicken
Sticky Toffee Pudding with Salted Caramel Ice-cream

Well, We’re pleased to report, after all these years, it was a welcome return to form!

Polite, professional and friendly service together with the food that tasted as good as it looked! All of us enjoyed every mouthful. The total bill with a few drinks, no starters, mains plus three desserts and a coffee came with change out of £100.

Well worth a visit! 👍👍👍👍👍

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