Sky Go and Ice Cream Sandwich

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I must be mad!

Occasionally an app comes along that makes a big difference to getting the most out of your Smartphone and its data allowance.

Step forward the ‘Sky Go’ app from err, Sky. At last, this is now available for Android’s newish operating system ‘ICS’ (Ice Cream Sandwich) and a range of Smartphones including my HTC Sensation.

This latest version of the app allows me to watch any of the main Sky channels AND all the movie channels too! And if that’s not enough (and here’s the clincher), you now also get access to Sky’s free catchup service ‘Anytime’ – so I can now watch series 1 of Mad Men that I missed first time around, as well as gazillions of other programmes that I just forgot to record when they were first broadcast.

The app is free, but you do need a valid Sky subscription (obviously!) to get access to the relevant channels on your phone. A good data signal helps too – I tried it with WiFi and also on our crappy 3.5G service here and the pictures and audio were pretty good with hardly any buffering on either.

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