Day 7 – Livorno

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Up early today – 7ish. The day looked a little cloudy but it turned into a scorcher! We wanted to get to the station at Livorno fairly sharpish so that we could go by train to Lucca. We jumped on the shuttle bus alongside the ship and after a long scenic tour round the docks, we were dropped in the Central Square. Travel Tip 1 – Don’t try and walk from the Docks to the town, it’s miles! Once in the town, we grabbed a cab to the railway station. Travel Tip 2 – Don’t try and walk from the town to the Station, it’s miles!

Once again the train fare was ‘silly money’ – 6.60 Euros each! We changed at Pisa and the whole journey took around an hour.

On arriving at Lucca, we were stunned as to how pretty it was. It’s a walled city and so totally different to say Rome or Naples. Lovely architecture, hardly any traffic (bikes, bikes and more bikes!)

Had probably the best coffee of the holiday in a nice little bar and then took a wander around the shops. We picked up some flowers for Teresa who done a splendid job of keeping our suite tidy during our stay!

We had good connections trains-wise coming back and we arrived back on board ‘The Navigator’ around 2.15, just in time to grab some lunch on deck.

We’ll use the remaining time on board to pack, check how much we’ve spent and generally get ready for transfer to Monte Carlo tomorrow.

We disembark tomorrow at Monte Carlo at around 8am and then onto our hotel in Nice, ‘The Meridien’…

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