A Snowy London

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Pizza Express - Euston Road

It’s not often that the capital is colder than Kettering – but today was an exception!

David was good enough to taxi me down to Kettering Station and I jumped on the 9.27 down to St Pancras International and met up with Sally B for lunch. On arrival, the view from the station was like a Christmas Card – snow, snow and more snow – and it was the coldest I’ve ever known London. What is wrong with the seasons! It’s March now, surely we shouldn’t be getting the white stuff!!!

I like a challenge, and so we booked a table in Pizza Express in Euston Road to see if I could adhere to my Lent List for 2013 – I knew it would be challenging as cheese is a ‘no-no’ and this was an Italian Pizza Restaurant!!! As things turned out, it worked well. Half jokingly, I asked if they could make me a pizza WITHOUT the cheese – and they duly obliged. Wonderful!

We caught-up on each other’s news and I then headed back to St Pancras whilst Sally went to her client meeting. By now, the snow had stopped, but it was still soooooooooo cold! David picked me up, and I was soon indoors fiddling with the central heating!

It’s been a great day for friends and food (my two favourite subjects) and to complete the evening, David and Valerie invited me round to join them for their evening meal where David had been preparing a beef hotpot – perfect!

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