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It’s that time of year again! The weather is improving and it’s time to ‘get the Band back together’.

In our case, not so much ‘the Band‘, but the Trainers! And those Trainers were the members of my Department from back in the 80s. We’ve kept in touch ever since – and today was the day!

Sadly, Rick (and Niall), Denise (and Steve) were unable to make it, but Roy (and Susan) and Gill (and Chris) made the pilgrimage to ours, in what turned out to be the best day of the year so far, weather-wise. And if the weather was good, that could only mean one thing! Naked knees! Out came the shorts – for the first time this year.

Ann didn’t disappoint on the food front and we were spoiled for choice today!

…and Dessert wasn’t bad either! 😀

It had been great to see everyone and the food went down a treat whilst the weather remained kind to us all afternoon!

After Gill and Chris left, we stayed in the Garden nattering until just after 6.30! What a fab day!

Roy and Susan stayed over, so once the kitchen wreckage was sorted, we had the opportunity for a longer catch-up with what’s been happening in their world – we even a short video call from Janine in Columbus.

Ann, Roy & Susan (with Evie) took a walk in the evening sun just before 7pm, whilst I caught up with my emails.

We finished the evening watching two episodes of the new BBC series: Ten Pound Poms on iPlayer.

Today, I think Summer finally arrived! 👍😀

A lazy Monday Breakfast!

Roy & Susan left us just before 10, Ann went swimming and I tidied up! 😉

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