Biscuit and Bon-Bon for a bath!

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We took the cats over to see Patsy of Rushden Persian Rescue for their six-weekly ‘bath-and-brush-up’. This is only their second visit there. Their first, back in January was because the previous groomer had been arrested for cruelty to animals after an RSPCA raid late last year!!! 

We made good use of time today, popping into Rushden Waitrose and Peter Crisp and Ford – Central Garage that are all in that direction.

We got off to a poor start. When we arrived just before 10.30 and rang the door-bell there was no answer. We tried and tried but it was clear no-one was in. Strange! Surely she hadn’t been arrested too!

It wasn’t a great day for either of us not to have our phones with us either, so we had just sit-it-out! Just before 11am, someone turned up – but it wasn’t Patsy!

After a quick conversation, it transpired that we’d arrived at the wrong house – Patsy’s place was just a few doors up the road. So, apart from having completely different cars on the drive, a different back-gate, the first house having a dog (not cats), then I guess it’s pretty easy to get the two dwellings confused. Doh!

So, after spending a load of dosh in Waitrose and picking up some scrubbing brooms from Peter Crisp, we got back to Patsy’s at just after 2pm, which was perfect timing as she’d just finished. Boy, had she done a really good job on them both! She had even used tinted (brown) talc on Biscuit and a special shampoo for Bon-Bon’s white fur!! She had even used special ‘concealer’ around Bon-Bon’s eyes to hide the tear stains. Perfection!!!

We got back about 2.30 and caught up with the papers.

Waitrose Indian takeaway tonight. Yum-Yum!!

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